Maldives- A Tropical Delight

Imagine yourself, Juice in one hand, and a magazine in the other, walking around on the soft beaches of Maldives…….

It is definitely a picture we love dreaming about too, and it was enough to make us book a trip to this beautiful country immediately.

So, here we come to you, with a full package of information, filled with places-you-can’t-miss, food you can indulge in and also the locality and culture of Maldives.


#1. Male Island

The capital of Maldives can be a great first stop on your Maldives tour, not because it is the best place in the country, but simply because the international airport is located in the capital and it is convenient to explore the city of Male before you head out to other islands. You can take this opportunity to indulge in delicious food from the wide variety of restaurants and bars or see local tourist attractions.


#2. COMO Cocoa Island

COMO Cocoa Island, known locally as Makunufushi, is located among South Malé’s coral atolls. Importantly, guests do not need seaplanes to access the island; it is just a 40-minute speedboat transfer from the International Airport on Malé. COMO Cocoa Island is hands-down one of the prettiest and best places to visit in Maldives.


#3. Emboodhu Finolhu

Move aside Dubai; even Maldives has an island that offers a spectacular aerial view of a budding flower made of water villas. The water villas in Emboodhu Finolhu Island are arranged in such a way that a view from the plane will show you a beautiful flower bud. The island can be an excellent luxury retreat for tourists.


#4. Seagull Cafe

After all the watersports and beach hopping, it’s time to gorge on some delicious food! The Seagull Cafe in Male should be the go-to place for food and is one of the best places to visit in Maldives. With its excellent decor and great menu, Seagull Cafe can be the perfect place for a nice evening meal.


#5. Tsunami Monument

We recommend you to make it a point to visit the beautiful structure known as the Tsunami Monument constructed in remembrance of the lives lost in the devastating Tsunami in 2004. A building consisting of a small cylinder with encircling spheres, the monument is a popular attraction and a must-visit place in Maldives.


#6. Baros Island

One of the most popular islands in Maldives, Baros Island is yet another place in Maldives that is trying to one-up the other islands in pure beauty, and succeeding marginally. Lined with beaches filled with fine sand and gentle waves of water ferrying small shells and stones, Baros Island is known for its resorts and water villas.


#7. Majidee Magu

Who doesn’t love a bit of some classic street shopping? And Majidhee Magu in Male is the perfect street shopping destination. You can find anything and everything in this popular shopping street. From garments to accessories like watches, handbags, cosmetics and even electronics. If you’re into handcrafted stuff, you can find plenty here.

Now, time to bury our head in all the entrees’, main courses and deserts that Maldives has to offer.


#1. Boshi Mashuni

Somewhere between a salad and a salsa, boshi mashuni is a blend of shredded, blanched (but still crunchy) banana flowers, fresh coconut and spices. It’s zingy with lime, hot with onion and Maldivian chilli (you can of course use regular chillies, just make sure they’re hot ones like bird’s eyes), with a savoury background thanks to curry leaves, turmeric and cumin. But you won’t believe the fact that it’s also pretty much a healthy food.


#2. Huni roshi (Chapati Bread)

Given its close proximity to Sri Lanka, where pol roti is a staple, it makes sense that the Maldives would have its own version of coconut bread. Huni roshi are flatbreads flecked with coconut which are fried until crisp on the outside and soft and chewy within (if you’re lucky they’ll even puff up like a pitta when you fry them). The coconut lends both texture and gentle flavour.


#3. Saagu Bondibai

Sago Puddding, is rarely found as a dessert option nowadays. But in the Maldives, these little starchy spheres are a major component of people’s diets, derived as they are from the spongy cores of tropical palm stems. As soon as you try saagu bondibai, you’ll see why sago is still so popular in Maldivian households. Warmed with coconut milk, cardamom and rose, and laced with creamy condensed milk, it’s the kind of dessert you could drink by the bucket-load if only that wasn’t a hideous thing to do (we won’t tell anyone if you won’t).


#4. Fried Yams

Friend yams are delicious crunchy snacks that are made by frying yams which are very similar to sweet potatoes. This is a very famous Maldives food which can be enjoyed by different sauces and drinks. Yams are a little sweeter on taste and are Starchier. These are used as a variation of french fries by many as they are high in fibre and vitamins compared to potatoes. When visiting Maldives, these yams are a must try and you can find them in almost all cafes and restaurants as they are a very popular food.


#5. Gulha

Gulha is a typical  Maldives food which is made of wheat or rice flour dough filled with tuna fish, chopped onions, coconut as well as chillies. They are like small dumplings and taste absolutely delicious. These are crunchy on the outside as they are fried and soft on the inside.
Some chefs also add  turmeric, lime juice and chopped curry leaves into the filling mixture. Gulha makes for an amazing evening snack and can be enjoyed with tea as well as coffee. This is a hit in Maldives and you should try at least once.

The culture and Heritage of Maldives are something that needs to be talked about, it is a unique one…

Steeped in rich culture and tradition, the Maldives culture is heavily shaped by Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysia, Arab, Persian, Indonesian, and even African influences. Maldivians are incredibly warm, welcoming and friendly people who will go above and beyond to make your holiday truly unforgettable.

Islam is the major religion in the Maldives. This is most evident through the many beautiful mosques located on the main island of Malé as well as the lack of alcohol and pork available on the mainland. But, resorts have a special license to serve alcohol, so you can still enjoy cocktails and beachside beverages in tropical paradise.

With a predominately Muslim faith, Maldivians are quite conservative and wear traditional dress. Males wear a sarong and white cotton shirt, while females wear a traditional libaa which is a long dress with gold and silver thread. Guests must also be fully clothed while swimming at the beaches on the mainland unless swimming at a designated bikini beach. However, this rule does not apply at the resort islands and guests are free to soak up the sunshine in whatever swimming attire they please.

Music and dance are an integral part of Maldives culture and are heavily influenced by their surrounding nations. One of the most well-known Maldives performances is the “Bodu Beru”. The dance is performed by large groups of 15 to 20 men and features a range of drummers, dancers and singers. Many of the resorts organise regular cultural performances to entertain their guests, so be sure to check one out on your next Maldives holiday.

We hope this convinced you to visit Maldives for your next vacation. You’ll not only be able to unwind and relax, you will also be able to explore new places, see new locations, try new and tasty delicacies and food, etc. Plus, you’re now prepared for it!


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