Hampi- The Historical City of Karnataka

Karnataka how to some of the most famous ancient ruins and historic sites. One of these is Hampi, a temple town famous for the monuments it houses.

Hampi is famous for its ruins belonging to the erstwhile medieval Hindu kingdom of Vijaynagar and it is declared a World Heritage Site. The temples, its monolithic sculptures and monuments attract the traveler because of their excellent workmanship. The Hindu style of architecture found at Hampi reflects the splendour of the Vijaynagar Empire. The rugged landscape adds to the historic ambiance of this site.

Hampi is located in the central part of Karnataka in the southern part of India. It is 353 km from Bangalore, and 13 km from Hospet. It is located on top of the rugged terrain and is 467 m above sea level.

Here are 5 places to visit while exploring Hampi:


#1. Virupaksha Temple

Also known as the Pampapathi temple, it is the most famous temple in Hampi and dates back to the 7th century. It is said that this temple has had a continuous run since then, making it one of the oldest functioning temples in India.


#2. Lotus Palace

Close to the Zenana Enclosure, is a monument that stands out in its design and style from most of the structures of Hampi. Another complex, for royal women, this one gets its name from the lotus-like dome.


#3. Hippie Island

Virapapur Gadde or Hippie Island is a small island situated across the Tungabhadra river. It takes 5 minutes to travel to the island via coracle or boat. The island is an epitome of scenic beauty and is known for laid-back ambient and lodges.


#4. Coracle Ride

When in Hampi, you absolutely have to get hold of a coracle and ride in one. It is one of the few places in the country where you can get such an experience and we guarantee that it is going to be a lot of fun. You can rent a coracle at really economic rates and cross the rates in the ferry that looks exactly like the one in olden days. Coracle rides can be arranged for Rs. 50 or around that price and this is one of the most definitive experiences amongst things to do in Hampi. Coracle rides can be arranged at Tungabhadra River boating area, Sanapur Lake, or at Sanapur waterfalls.


#5. Queen’s Bath

A part of the Royal Enclosure, this aquatic enclosure was the Royal bath during the times of the Vijayanagra Empire. It was built in such a way that no outsiders could enter the bath, and has lost much to ruins at the date.

Even though Hampi is quite a small town, there are no shortages of famous dishes and recommendations.

The Italian, Chinese and Japanese and continental food are mostly served in big restaurants or hotels in the city. Prawn curry and chicken curry are the favourite dished of the non-veg crowd. Fishes are also the primary demand of the visitors of Hampi. The dal roti chawl of the north Indian food is also available.


#1. Badane Kaayi

Brinjal stuffed with dry stuffing of ginger, ground peanut, garam masala, garlic, sesame and salt and then sprinkled onion and other spices.


#2. Shenga/Ellu chutney

It is a form of powder or dry chutney made of ground peanut or sesame.


#3. Ranjaka

It is also called Kempu chutney is a paste of red chilli and is consumed as a condiment


#4. Saaru

A special soup made of coriander, cumin, tomatoes, pepper and tamarinds

Since Hampi is known for its religious places, non-veg is difficult to get, as it is also known as the temple town. There are a lot of row benched restaurants in Hampi which offer mouth-watering South Indian dishes like idli and dosa at reasonable prices and great, hot chai to end the taste.

Why is Hampi called a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, owing to the ancient temples, forts and other monuments here. Hampi was the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire around 1500 AD, and by some accounts, the second largest city in the world at that time. Over the next centuries it fell out of importance, and now there lie ruins of innumerablefallen temples and other structures spread out over a vast area. The terrain around Hampi is as mysterious as the ruins itself – the city is surrounded by boulders of different sizes, and you can climb to the top of them with a little effort to get a stunning view of the entire city and the geography. It is located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. Famous for its massive, beautifully carved temples, Hampi tells the stories of its existing structures. The way the city was built with temples and bazaars is exemplary in itself.

We hope this was helpful, in case you were in the process to plan your next short escape from reality. There are many more places, dishes, etc. that we haven’t mentioned. If you want to find out what they are, contact us for a trip to the Historical City of Karnataka, that is Hampi.


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