MICE stand for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. It is the next big thing in the travel and tourism industry. MICE tourism provides a great platform to explore opportunities of information exchange and business development with old partners, investors, customers and suppliers. MICE requirements of each business would vary depending upon their target audience, services/products offered and budget. With Biosphere Holidays you get the most targeted services that can be altered as per your needs and demands. We have a complete team of highly dedicated and qualified professionals who handle each and every aspect of MICE tourism for your organization. So whether you choose a domestic destination or an international destination, you get unparalleled services. The ideas and event plan are chalked out after taking the brief from the client. Once the final blue print gets approved, actual implementation starts.

Our premium quality service talks volume about our success and class. The services we assist you with include –

  Complete event planning

  Flight/train reservations

  Hotel bookings

  Itinerary management


  Airport/Railway Station pick-up and drop

  Pre and post event set up


  Gourmet catering

  Foreign exchange

  Technical support

  Travel policy

  Post event winding up




Corporate meetings are an indispensable part of the business world. Whatever be the business type corporate meetings are a platform to discuss business ventures, progress and sales and brainstorm about new ideas. There was a time when corporate meetings were confined within the walls of the board room or conference room. But not anymore! Today corporate meetings have taken a new turn. Ideally these meetings should be productive and ponder new strategies, but practically none of this happens. Corporate meetings if not planned and managed well can be very monotonous and you surely don’t want that. With Biosphere Holidays you get premium meeting planning services that can be customized as per your business requirements. We understand that each client varies from the other and so do they requirements.

Corporate meetings are meant to focus on company strategies, goals and visions. It is essential that the planning is in place and the implementation done is impeccable. From resource management to equipments, hospitality to technical support, our team would help you in all of these and beyond. You can bank upon our experience and technical knowledge and rest assured you’ll get the best of the best services.



Incentive travels or incentive event is a great way to inspire your employees and boost their morale. In the corporate cut-throat competition, stress and deadlines are a part and parcel of business. But once a while it is essential to break free from the mundane routine and take a break & reward your team with a well-deserved travel experience. It is believed that successful incentive travels are directly proportional to increased sales and profit.

At Biosphere Holidays we have a devoted team handling incentive travel services. Whether you are from hospitality industry or ecommerce industry, incentive travels have become the latest trend in the industry. We understand your needs and plan a travel plan accordingly. From effective planning to great implementation, each stage is completed keeping the client in loop. You will be assigned a manager who you can directly communicate with. Brief the team about your needs and leave the rest upon us.

Incentive travels is a tool that greatly help in renewing loyalty, provoking imagination and spearheading success in the right direction. Let your brand name soar to scaling heights with advanced incentive travels. This helps in providing recognition and customer loyalty reward points. Clients can improve company’s performance, build long lasting relations with their customers and provide motivation to the employees through incentive travels.



Conferences are an important part of the business world. Whatever be the business domain, conferences are common to all. For a successful conference there are various key points that need to be kept in mind. Here, hiring a professional conference management team is always recommended. Our experts know their job and will assist you at every stage. From a distance it seems that conference management is nothing but choosing the venue, setting it up and helping in post event wrap up. But there is more to it. Even a small mistake can jeopardize the entire event. Thus, quality checks need to be done at all stages. With Biosphere Holidays  you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

At Biosphere Holidays  we offer premium conference management services. From venue selection to reservations, resource management to hospitality, you get it all under one roof. We are a name to reckon with in the industry. By seamlessly amalgamating our experience with technical know-how, we ensure that clients get the best of the best services at the most affordable price.

The types of conferences may vary according to the business type, but what remains same is our dedication and commitment. We have a special team of experts who look into all the aspects and deliver services as per your needs. The team would be happy to customize the services as well. Each client is given individual attention so that their needs can be properly understood and catered to. Once the plan is finalized and approved by the client, the team starts working in full swing. Venue selection, catering, hospitality, airport/railway station transfers, accommodation, pre-post conference handling, conference room management, technical support, entertainment…you name it and we have it. Over the year’s Biosphere Holidays has successfully handled hundreds of conferences from various domains – academic conferences, medical conferences, business conferences, training conferences and a lot more.



Exhibitions are a platform that helps organizations from a particular field of business to showcase their latest products and services. It is closely related to trade fairs. And the common thread between the two is, great deal of planning and flawless implementation. With Biosphere Holidays you get the most sought after exhibition management services that take your exhibitions to a new high. Our services have always set quality benchmarks adhering to international standards.

For successful exhibitions, it is essential that the planning is in place and the resources are managed well. All this can be done by an expert team under the supervision of highly trained and dedicated managers. The initial planning stage includes chalking out a plan and modifying as per the needs of the clients. Once the plan is approved, the implementation starts. From venue selection to hospitality, technical support to stall management, our team will assist you in all of this and much more. The venue is selected keeping in mind the estimated audience and vendor participation. Locations that are easily accessible are preferred. The overall decoration, theme, lighting and AV effects are also handled by the team. It is these small things that make a huge impact. Therefore our experts focus on the minutest of details. We understand that different organizations have different needs, thus, aim to provide customized services. For us attaining the highest level of customer satisfaction is of prime importance. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your exhibitions are a mighty success and help you and your business reaps fruitful results.



Conducting events and exhibitions is the need of an increasing number of businesses. There are a variety of events that a corporate house needs to cater to. Conferences, promotional events, training and seminars, adventure sports and team building activities, annual events and festival celebrations are just some out of the big list.

Biosphere Holidays is a reputed and eminent name in the industry. You can rely upon our customized approach and tailor made event planning services. It is essential that a corporate event is planned well in advance and executed brilliantly. After all it the reflection of your brand!

With Biosphere Holidays you are completely sorted with all your corporate event planning needs. We have a specialized team who looks into each aspect and gives flawless services. We understand that a corporate event is different from an exhibition and MICE are different from mall activations. Thus, each event is designed as per individual client needs. We have a team of highly experienced organizers who would arrange each and every detail in perfect fashion.

The entire process is done systematically to ensure top class service. From the time you walk in with your needs to the event, there are various stages of planning and discussions which are crossed over innumerable cups of coffee. You are kept in loop and feedback is taken at every stage. Whether it is a seminar, conferences or live events, you get the best of services.